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We understand deciding on a finish online might be tricky, so feel free to give us a call. We might be able to send you a sample, or indeed you can book an appointment to visit one of our showrooms in Sussex.

Colours & finishes for oak furniture

Port Wood oak furniture is unique in the quality of its craftsmanship, as well as in its surface finishes. The surfaces on all Port Wood branded oak furniture are hand finished and come in a warm oak hue, either left natural, or finished with a layer of protective liquid wax, retaining and maximising their natural beauty. With each product, you will have a choice of:

Natural oak surface finish:

natural oak surface finish       
Choose natural finish when you love the matt texture and natural oak hue, or want to decide at a later date. This finish is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. If left outdoors, the oak will bleach lighter in the sun, then gradually weather and acquire a grey-silvery hue. This can be partially removed with sanding if required. Take care with spilled drinks with the natural finish.

Satin oak surface finish:

Choose satin finish if you like a more honey coloured hue and a slightly more polished finish, but still want to retain that natural look. Lovely to touch and beautiful in colour, this is our most popular finish. Our liquid wax formula repels liquids, so if you spill a glass of red wine on your table, it’s not the end of the world, providing you wipe it with a damp cloth soon afterwards.

Soft gloss oak surface finish:

Choose soft gloss finish if you would like to have a more contemporary look on your oak furniture. The emphasis is on natural look and feel instead of the highly polished feel you tend to get with varnish. This means you will get a sheen, but will be able to feel and see the natural roughness of the wood. Again, the soft gloss liquid wax formula protects your oak furniture from spills.

Outdoor oak surface finish:

Choose our outdoor finish if you want to use your oak furniture in the garden or a patio. Similar to satin finish in terms of look and feel, our outdoor liquid wax formula protects your oak furniture against UV rays, so the oak does not bleach. This is ideal when you are planning to use one of our oak and glass pieces outdoor, where glass will protect from moisture and our outdoor wax formula will prevent bleaching by the sun. However, please note that oak will always gradually weather to silvery grey when exposed to elements, specifically moisture. It is also worth mentioning at this point that oak furniture used outdoors is prone to developing larger cracks and shakes over time, due to exposure to wet weather. This won’t, however, affect the structural integrity of your oak furniture, providing the piece is suitable for outdoor use (please see individual product pages for suitability). We love the weathered finish so much we have left some of our oak dining tables outside for years, to get that beautifully aged look, before sanding or power hosing them, then bringing them back inside.

Colours and finishes for antler furniture

Each piece of antler furniture is unique as no two antlers are the same. Variations will occur in terms of colour tone and shape of antlers, which will add to quirkiness and a sense of wilderness.

Colours and finishes for lighting

All crystal chandeliers are hand finished with either polished nickel (silver) or polished brass (gold) frame. There may be minute variations in terms of size of individual pieces of crystal, as they are all hand finished. 

Murano style chandeliers are hand blown and minute variations may occur in terms of shape and colouring of the individual pieces of glass that make up the chandelier.

Please do let us know if you require an extra long chain for your chandeliers, we are able to offer this service on request.

Colours & finishes for natural hides, rugs and wool products

These products are entirely natural and variations occur in terms of shape, size and colouring, which can differ substantially from the images on the web. Cow hides often feature small imperfections, which are not considered faults. Sheep wool lampshades may vary in appearance, shape and colour as they are entirely natural and hand-tufted. If you are very particular about colour or shape and dislike the idea of something not being exactly as you wanted, you might want to consider man-made materials.