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About Us

Rustic luxury inspired by nature

Our philosophy is simple: we stay true to natural materials to create tactile and sustainable luxury. Some call is slow luxe. All our products are hand crafted and unique. No two products are the same and we don't support mass production. We can make things the way you want them. Many of our pieces can be customised to the size and finish you need, so you can have exactly what you want.

Welcome to our online boutique. Browse our signature hand made oak furniture, highly prized scottish red deer antler furniture and accessories as well as a carefully curated collection of soft furnishings and natural hides. Our lighting and accessories section is packed with beautiful chandeliers and lamps as well as gorgeous antler mirrors and unique wall art.

Natural elegance and rustic charm

Every item of Port Wood furniture is extraordinary. We believe in creating luxurious, quality and functional furniture from beautiful, renewable materials with a low impact on the environment, while supporting communities and small manufacturers rather than mass producers. Each product should tell a story of its own.

A little extra service

Great design is about offering people something they can both use and enjoy, and we're passionate about helping everyone to create stylish, comfortable interiors that express their tastes. For this reason we've created our style book to help you make the perfect choices and beautifully style your home all in one place.

We want you to be delighted with our service, and with everything you buy from us, and smile every time you look at your new purchases. That’s why we offer free delivery on all our products and we will even assemble pieces in your home if you wis


Port Wood Furniture Studio is brought to you by Oakmasters, a family business providing luxury oak framed buildings for discerning customers worldwide. We take our name, Port Wood, from the loveliest piece of woodland we know, tucked away in rural Sussex, where Oakmasters was founded 30 years ago as a cabinet-making business. It's a real little sanctuary. Come and visit some time!

Sourcing and sustainability

Port Wood Furniture Studio was set up with a clear ethos in mind: to source furniture and furnishings that combine a sense of simplicity and rustic charm with strong contemporary finesse. As such, all our products are made from real materials with traceable origin: solid wood, real antlers, fine quality hide & wool, authentic crystal and genuine Venetian glass.

Each of our products has a story to tell, from where it was made, to the skill with which it was put together and the individual craftsman who made it. Each product is sourced directly from the designer or maker, or through no more than one agent in the supply chain, and we source locally wherever possible, to help reduce emissions.

Our wood

All the wood used to create our furniture is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe. It is transported directly to our workshop in Sussex, where it is expertly cut and crafted into our signature pieces. Our wood suppliers are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainability. Find out more about how this non-profit international organisation is helping to promote sustainable forestry by visiting  

Our antlers

All our antlers are shed naturally by stags in the Scottish Highlands. These beautiful works of nature are then collected by ‘beaters’ and used as the basis of the stunning designs, furnishings or chandeliers that you see in these pages. These are created on site, in a family owned workshop, which uses traditional craft techniques.

Our crystal and glass

You can find out more about each of our lighting manufacturers by following the links provided within our lighting section. Whether hand-made Bohemian crystal chandeliers, Murano style glass chandeliers, or hand-tufted wool lamps, we are closely familiar with the production techniques used by each one of our manufacturers and quality and authenticity are guaranteed.

Our soft furnishings

We have taken great care to hand-pick a short list of soft furnishing suppliers who ethically source cushions and throws world-wide, bringing you unique designs directly from communities that craft them. Each cushion and throw can be traced back to the individual village in which it was hand-made, using natural, soft materials and traditional craft techniques.

Our rugs and hides

According to our sourcing policies, we ensure that all our animal hides are a by-product of the meat industry worldwide. Cow hides come from Argentina – the biggest producer of beef, while our sheep skins come from meat producing hubs in New Zealand and Iceland. The animals are farmed and culled within the same country, thus minimising the need for livestock transportation.


The Port Wood Story

We have called our interiors boutique Port Wood, in honour of the gorgeous woodland where it all began over 30 years ago. Our family set up a small cabinet-making and traditional oak furniture business in Port Wood - an idyllic, sheltered corner of Sussex countryside, which had sadly been previously subjected to deforestation. Over many years the family business evolved, grew, moved and expanded into creating beautiful oak framed homes. Today, after all those years, we've returned to our roots, armed not only with a great passion for the oak homes we build but a desire to help create magical interiors too. We hope you love the collection of desirable, covetable interior products we've created for you to enjoy. 

...And the woodland, Port Wood, is now flourishing more than ever, as a protected area of outstanding natural beauty. Nowadays we take regular strolls through the lush undergrowth to get inspiration. We take photos in the autumn, or when the bluebells appear and always finish the afternoon off with a roast and a pint of Harveys in the local pub.


Bespoke commissions

Most of our lovely products are hand made to order. This means that you can either buy what you see on the website or have products customised to the size you need. For example our oak dining tables can be made up to 4 metres long from a single length of oak, or longer if you don’t mind joining lengths of oak.

Our Woolly lampshades can be made to any diameter (within reason) and our crystal chandeliers come from the smallest 6-arm variant up to an incredible 78-arm showpiece. Our antler furniture can be upholstered in any fabric and made to sizes that suit you. And even our cushions and throws can be customised or made to your bespoke requirements.

And we don’t stop just there. We will work with you throughout your project from conception to delivery to help you achieve the interior you dream of. Feel free to call us for a chat about your plans or just for advice or ideas.

And what makes us different?

Our oak furniture is finished to the highest standard you will find. We use impressive, chunky pieces of oak and only use traditional hand finishing delivered by our own highly skilled craftsmen who share our love of this wonderful material.

We believe furniture should be easy to care for. We finish our oakwork with a special surface treatment to protect it against damage from spilt drinks, UV rays and rain, so you can enjoy your furniture without worrying too much about a punishing aftercare regime. We deliver everything free of charge and if you wish, we will assemble it for in your home.

Our style book

Our strength is in traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail, and of course our love of oak. That’s why we have designed our own Port Wood range of furniture crafted from honest, chunky, solid wood with textured grain and the highest quality finish.

To complement these pieces we have hand selected exclusive interior products that come together to create a trademark natural, contemporary aesthetic, with a hint of rustic charm. This look comes alive in our style book, which is full of ideas and inspiration.

The style book is updated all the time and we take pride in bringing you images created with our own furniture, often featured in houses we have built. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Port Wood Furniture Studio

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